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At times, the aesthetic of the show is somewhat overblown: the editors, who, over the years, have demonstrated a penchant for opening segments with blaring rock music, never miss an opportunity to cut to raw imagery of carnage, including shots of a severed hand.Its correspondents participate in the stories they’re covering—in another North Korea story, a reporter joins refugees on an “underground railroad” as they make a nighttime border crossing. And I found myself thinking, This is our twenty-first century? Where children are used as transportation devices for dynamite.”Long before Vice began its experiments with participatory journalism, Hunter S.Smith defended Vice and its reporters against charges of journalistic recklessness.Talking about Kim Jong-un, he said, “Look, the fact that he came is a big deal.

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“First of all,” he said, his words echoing in the immense stadium, “I would like to say thank you. You guys have been very, very kind to me and to my compadres from America.” He paused as his North Korean translator struggled with “compadres.” Rodman continued, “I’m sorry that my country and your country are not on good terms, but for me and—the country . .” Seeming to lose his train of thought, Rodman turned and bowed in the direction of the Supreme Leader, who had been watching him with a slightly nervous expression. stunt by Vice now looked like cozying up to a dangerous dictator.The fact that we’re the only people to meet him is a big deal.The fact that we went to his house was a really big deal.” He went on, “Is it journalism? and its onscreen avatar—as if Jeff Zucker and Wolf Blitzer were one person.Although almost all foreign media is blacked out in North Korea, basketball is a popular sport, and the country’s ruling family are N. At each dunk by a Globetrotter or three-pointer by a member of the North Korean team, the crowd erupted in screams.

The game ended, as a basketball game cannot, in a tie, 110–110.

called the episode “More ‘Jackass’ Than Journalism,” and pointed out that, in light of the regime’s abuses and recent reports of cannibalism among a starving population, “those remarks and current headline on the Vice Web site that ‘North Korea has a friend in Dennis Rodman and Vice’ seem a bit, well, tasteless.”Vice has never been celebrated for good taste.

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