Updating firmware on olympus e620

The E-620 pulls most of the important features found in the company's high-end SLRs into one compact, more affordable camera.First, the E-620's body is small, not much bigger than the E-420.Finally, the E-620 combines most of the Live View improvements found in the latest round of Olympus SLRs, including greater speed, multiple AF modes, and face detection.It even borrows something from automotive design, with backlit buttons, one of those painfully obvious features that are found nowhere else, at least not on an SLR.The ED 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 Zuiko Digital zoom lens is the same terrific performer that shipped first with the E-410, and is a great match for the E-620.I like that the shutter button is just slightly more forward on the larger top deck, making for a more relaxed finger position when holding the camera.This feature is long overdue; after all, it was old when my 1994 pickup was brand new.On the prototype we saw, the buttons light up brightly at first, then dim.

Indeed, with the E-520 and the 150mm f/2, if I rotate the tripod mount ring to the right so I can handhold the combo, my fingers are pinched between the mount and grip. Also missing from the front of the E-620 when compared to the E-420 are those swivel/lug camera strap mounts from yesteryear, now replaced by the top-mounted metal lugs that make so much more sense.The firmware offers the following improvements: • Reduced the sound of Image stabilizer operations in IMAGER AF and HYBRID AF mode.• Resolved the issue where pressing the delete button in Close-up playback occasionally caused the Card access lamp to blink.by Shawn Barnett Date: 02/24/09 Whether you consider it trying to find a niche market or truly exploring what's possible in the world of digital photography, Olympus is not relenting in its quest to make ground-breaking digital SLR cameras.

Their latest SLR camera proves that they're not going away, and they're not running out of ideas.

We got to spend a little time with the Olympus E-620 and enjoyed it.

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