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Even worse was the fact that the bank also charged us a higher interest rate from the very beginning of the loan contract than the agreed interest rate they promised to provide.With the settlement not occurring until Fiona Cristian was in the midst of tightly scheduled renovations [September 19th 2005 - Bank staff, knowing we had seven weeks to complete renovations, caused two unexpected delayed settlements, the first for unknown reasons and the second due to house valuation expiring.It was not until the first payment was due on November 1st 2005 that the problem was noted.Both Fiona's husband, Arthur Cristian, and the Macquarie broker, immediately contacted Macquarie staff who admitted the mistake and said they would rectify the error. The bank tried to withdraw over $6000 from Fiona's ANZ bank account.

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* Latest Updates/Diary/News - The Cristian Family Court Case: The day we received and signed the loan contract August 25th 2005 was the first time we became aware that the actual lender was Perpetual Limited and not Macquarie Mortgages.It turns out that a man with two hats "James Angus", was contractually employed by both Macquarie Mortgages Pty Limited and Perpetual Limited at the same time.Settlement finally occurred on 19th September 2005.

Delayed settlements made it impossible to pay local trades-people on time causing loss of manpower and setting back the completion date by three weeks.

The Cristian family - Arthur, Fiona, Jasmin, Emma, Frances and soon to come Xanthe, have found themselves caught up in a NSW Supreme Court drama over a home loan with Bill Moss's Macquarie Bank's intermeddling, interloping, interfering impostors (agents), some known as Macquarie Mortgages Pty Limited and Perpetual Limited ACN 000 431 827.

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