Thunderbird close applications updating

You can also choose from several Themes that dress up all the different icons in Thunderbird.Smart Folders help you manage multiple email accounts by combining special folders like your Inbox, Sent, or Archive folder.You can also "Pin" or save a Filter and use it across multiple folders.The search interface in Thunderbird contains filtering and timeline tools to pinpoint the exact email you’re looking for.One-click Address Book is a quick and easy way to add people to your address book.

Double-clicking or hitting Enter on a mail message will open that message in a new tab.To ensure a user’s privacy, Thunderbird automatically blocks remote images in email messages. This is associated with Search the Web, but can also be used in other requests for web pages enabled by add-ons.Thunderbird protects you from email scams which try to trick users into handing over personal and confidential information by indicating when a message is a potential phishing attempt.Start typing in words in the Quick Filter search box and the results are displayed instantly.