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Highlights Read More Video by ABC’s 20/20 Watch: ABC’s 20/20 Arson Investigation Video “Burned” () to see the science of fire investigation. (5/7/2010; Season 32, Episode 19) Read More From TIME This video () from the Your Bill of Rights series gives an overview of the Sixth Amendment.They break into small groups to list the arguments for one of the parties in the case.The groups share their arguments in a class discussion.Go to: tags: fake news, Read More From The News Literacy Project Use these questions to assess the likelihood that a piece of information is fake news.Go to: Questions For Fake News From Newseum ED In this activity, students apply the “consumer’s questions” to a chosen research topic in order to improve their media literacy skills.Students place themselves on a line to express their opinion regarding the application of the rule to the situation.Students consider the facts in the real case of a boy who was expelled from school.

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In the activity “Creating a Flow Chart” the students can work individually or in small groups.Common Core–aligned quizzes Read More From Crash Course Join Craig Benzine to see how the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) works procedurally. v=7sualy8Oi Kk Tags: Granting Read More From The Street Law Clinic at Georgetown University Law Center – The Innocence Project Curriculum Picking Cotton: Lives Taken/Reason for Wrongful Conviction/Eyewitness Misidentification Go to: Read More From: The Street Law Clinic at Georgetown University Law Center (lesson) and The Constitution Project (video) This lesson begins with several student-centered introductory activities designed Read More “The Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Shukree sits down with Edward Blum, whose firm provided counsel to plaintiffs in the Shelby County case, and Sherrilyn Ifill of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, to determine the reasons behind this turning point case and what it means for the future of voting in America.” From the National Archives’ Presidential Timeline “The Twenty-Sixth Amendment” is one of the interactive Richard Nixon Exhibits: It is accompanied by educational activities in Read More From Law Focused Education Inc. Minnesota Election Vocabulary: From This site offers a personalized vocabulary learning experience.Students (re-)familiarize themselves with the words of the Declaration of Independence by completing this jigsaw puzzle. “The Challenge,” an adaptive learning system, and “The Dictionary” help users efficiently learn words.From Classroom Law Project Rely upon teacher-vetted current events!

Included are stories that present multiple views, additional resources to learn more, definitions of relevant vocabulary, insightful Read More From i Civics After a brief reading, students are provided with Federalist/ Anti-Federalist arguments arranged in a well-organized table (big names and supporters, Who should rule?

Go to: This Read More From Newseum ED “This activity helps students apply journalism standards of accuracy, fairness and clarity in deciding how to report the news.” Go to: From Annenberg Classroom “One of our oldest human rights, habeas corpus safeguards individual freedom by preventing unlawful or arbitrary imprisonment.