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We're exes, but there's still that substance there, that history." No: "I had a lot of trouble getting over my last boyfriend, and the best advice I got was to stop sleeping with him.It's kind of a duh' statement, but it's so easy to think, What's the harm?When I say you should settle, I mean go for those 8's. Believe me, when you're 40 and single, you will be dying to have those 8's, but they'll all be married.And then you will have to settle—for a 5." No: "Marrying someone you aren't crazy about only to secure the financial and domestic conveniences of wedlock is as stale and trite as day-old Doritos.I couldn't just stand by silently, even if it hurt both of us at the time. You might be in your twenties, being an adult with all your grown-up responsibilities, but we all know the minute you’ve got a problem, you’re giving your mom a call.And maybe hide his updates for a while." No: "Facebook almost ruined my marriage. I guess it's meant to curb women's insecurities, but don't they know the real deal is always hotter?" (As debated by commenters)Yes: "You're joining together as family; different last names only separate you." *—main1006 *"Your maiden name is your father's name.

When you have to get creative about money, you get the best out of yourself." Yes: "After my friend went back to her loser boyfriend for the umpteenth time, I confronted her.It's not adding to my number.' But for women, sex is really bonding, so sleeping with a guy makes it impossible to get over him. " (We listen in on an actual debate between two guys, Amir Blumenfeld and Jake Hurwitz of college )Jake: Obviously not on the first date, but after a couple months, why not? Amir: I do it all the time at Jake's apartment. And they're talking about significant others, not coworkers. It's not like it's hard to shut the door.There's such a thing as being too comfortable.Yes: "I'm Facebook friends with six of my exes.

Sex and dating questions you wish you had answers to comments

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