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The Reverend Earl Bierman, for example, pronounced wedding vows upon Richie, a 13-year-old boy, while sodomizing him in a motel. “He said, ‘I, Earl, take you, Richie, to be my lawful, wedded wife,’ ” Richie says. He was always buying me clothes and taking me to restaurants.” I was a student at Covington Latin School in 1970-74, when Bierman was the school counselor. His class featured a kind of madness so blatant that the faculty could have ignored it only by choice.Bierman told us that women sometimes don’t achieve orgasm during intercourse; in such cases, masturbation was permissible, with the blessing of the church. Holy Mother Church doesn’t condone masturbation — at no time, no how.Although allegations against him spanned a career of nearly three decades, none of the teachers, priests and bishops who knew what he was doing ever informed police.

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That night we stayed at his rectory, and he took my friend into his room for “private counseling.” And touching.But telling secrets always feels dirty, and the feeling doesn’t diminish simply because some secrets deserve to be told.Before I go further, however, I must make confession: Gay and lesbian activists have cause to distrust me.Time and again, when trying to signal compassion and sorrow for the kids, Pilarczyk can’t stop himself from defending his operation.

His most recent offering is a letter in , official organ of the archdiocese.

He told us, “Seventy percent of all boys have homosexual experiences.