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Leave any additions to this article in the comments section by answering this question: 1. A man is a leader in at least one aspect of his life, whether this means his family, with his friends or just in general. The world wouldn’t work if everyone was trying to lead in ” ~ Galileo Galilei A man is proud, often to a fault. Ladies, don’t try and change your man, but let him evolve into the man he’s meant to be.7. If you are, here’s a great resource to help you change that –” ~ Oscar Wilde If a man finds someone special, he doesn’t treat her like she’s everyone else.15.

If we resist, and we’re never humbled by ‘these moments’, we’ll never learn. Even if it’s the hardest decision, or the most unpopular one.18.She wears mascara and eye shadow frequently and when we're out, always wears a lot of black.On date nights, though, she sports an expensive black leather jacket..(Google search "Kate Beckinsale underworld movie" to see the wardrobe she attempts to imitate with that).I'm only attracted to these kinds of women for some reason; I never got rid of this habit I first acquired back in high school.

While most "goth girls" are ugly, or overweight (morbidly too, no pun intended), I find many of the slim ones are damn sexy.

Ok Cupid is one of the largest dating sites on the web.