Prevent firefox from updating

You can use the latest long-term support release instead: https:// the following is from Testing INTEGER - app.Default: 1 defines the policy by which background downloads are done, and the amount of user prompting that is required: 0 - download all update types (major/minor) without user intervention, regardless of incompatible extensions installed (they should just be disabled after the update restart) 1 - download all update types (major/minor) only if there are no incompatibilities with enabled extensions, prompt with UI otherwise.2 - download minor updates only, prompt for major updates, regardless of whether or not all enabled extensions are compatible.The Internet is a dangerous place and your business is at risk if it uses a browser that allows malicious software to infect it.As Mozilla releases a newer Firefox version, the company fixes many security threats that plagued the previous version.Open File Explorer and enter the following in the location bar; It may, or may not be present in the file. Save the changes and Firefox will no longer update automatically.You might get an on-screen warning telling you not to modify the file but don’t worry about it, and accept the prompt when it appears.

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  • How do I stop firefox from updating, even when I marked it not to. profil de paulette60


    Apr 25, 2017. I have to use version 51 so that I can use Java to open Oracle I refuse to use IE. I have checked the box to never check for updates, Mozilla updated anyway. I deleted everything I could find on my computer Mozilla related, re-installed version 51, checked the box to not update and checked daily to make.…