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We’re sure you heard the story about how Paula Patton wouldn’t take her high school sweetheart hubby Robin Thicke with her to prom because he’s white.Though it may sound like an odd tale given how long the couple has been together and how in love they appear to be, the notion of being hesitant to showcase your interracial love is not an uncommon one.

Tina Knowles who showed up in this dazzling pink suit told us the event is her all time favorite.They had around 10 years of dating before beginning of married life. Finally after a long partnership they were not able to last it for whole life.Now both of them carried on their lives, one of them has found his love bird. Right after their first meeting, they started dating. But then the sad news came to us that this loving couple has now parted their ways. For the information, the divorce of this couple was finalized in last year.

Although this was a happy beginning, but unfortunately ended up with a divorce.

This led to her working as a production assistant for TV documentaries, and also for Howie Mandel's talk show.

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    Sorry, Robin Thicke! Looks like your latest album, 'Paula,' failed on more levels than one. Not long after Paula Patton filed for divorce, a new report claims that.…