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The ultra-organized world of shidduch dating follows a strict set of practices to guide young people from the time they are deemed of age all the way through to the chuppah, the altar, Jerusalem matchmaker Sarah Dena Katz explained.That could be 18 for women and early 20s for men, although the ages vary according to custom and religiosity.

Katz, the Jerusalem matchmaker, recommended preparing three “pocket questions” for emergency lulls in the conversation.Just inside the ornate glass doors stands a cluster of modestly dressed young women, not too overtly scanning the crowd.The objects of their attentions are sitting restlessly in the lobby, periodically getting up to pace the floor.It looked interesting and I thought I would give you a call.” Naturally, he did not get a date.

Like the Passover Seder, there’s an order to things, and it’s best to stick to it for positive results.

Daters in Jerusalem typically start simple and build up their repertoire of hotels as the relationship progresses; the Prima Kings, Leonardo or King Solomon are considered respectable-yet-modest choices for a first date.

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