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And no, bettas will not get exhausted, as a matter of fact, I have two brothers jarred side by side who have been continually flaring at each other for a year now.I believe that a little action and company is good for the moral. This is not a good idea though, if you intend to show your bettas.Clients typically range in age from 10–17 for adolescents, and 18–28 for adults.There are a variety of different types of wilderness therapy programs.The betta will immediately stretch out his fins as much as he can and open his gills as wide as he can, displaying his membrane, and suddenly looking twice a big as he really is :). Hes doing the macho thing, sorta like I am bigger than you , watch out, I can kick your butt! He will repeatedly do this and if the other betta has the same bad attitude, they will soon start attacking each other. Over activity may cause the tail to tear, especially in halfmoon bettas, a phenomena known as "blowing a tail".Notice slight tears in the above halfmoon betta's tail Because bettas are not as intelligent than us (or are they?

The success of the Outward Bound outdoor education program in the 1940s inspired the approach taken by many current-day wilderness therapy programs, though some adopted a survivalist methodology.By solving the natural challenges posed by a wilderness environment, patients may build up courage to face real-world problems on their own.Additionally, physical activity alone may improve physical and mental health.The thing is bettas are only pissed off at other bettas, while quite gentle with other specie, which makes them good community tank prospects.

They do get picked on a lot by other fish, so avoid putting a betta in a tank with fish that are aggressive, especially fin nippers such as tiger barbs, etc When a male betta (and sometimes a female) sees another male, his first reaction is one of intimidation. ) Their color intensifies and they look just gorgeous. The same betta flaring appears to be twice as large, hence intimidating rivals.

Many wilderness therapy programs avoid what they view as manipulations, contrived activities, psychological games, and contrived consequences.

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