Nick jonas dating olivia

But it's always hard and my thing now is focusing on my work and staying as busy as I can, as creative as I can be.These are the times you’ve just got to dive in and get lost in your work and that's what I'm trying to do."Dealing with a public breakup is even more difficult, as the singer’s relationship with the actress and beauty queen was often in the spotlight.

That seems to be a question that many fans have constantly asked since his surprising split from ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo last year.Nick Jonas is opening up about his breakup with Olivia Culpo, less than two weeks after the "Jealous" singer confirmed his split with the former Miss USA winner.The singer sat down with ET to discuss his career and long-term battle with diabetes, but the conversation quickly turned to his recent heartbreak.But I feel relieved when I use my writing as a way to process—it's very therapeutic."While the specifics of what led to their breakup are still somewhat of a mystery, Jonas simply told Ryan Seacrest a few months after their split, "I was with [Olivia Culpo] for two years.

We had a beautiful relationship together and it was great.

The project was re-released as Nick Jonas X2 in 2015.