Nick carter is dating lauren kitt

Her fitness video series “Kitt Fit,” received the most views on each of the total six episodes which accounts for more than 1/3rd of the total views.The teaser alone has over 33K views and the video showing Nick Carter titled as ‘Welcome to “Kitt Fit”! If you are searching for the movies and TV shows in which she appeared, you have the list here.She started her fitness video series Kitt Fitt in 2013 as stated above. In “I (Heart) Nick Carter," she appeared as herself alongside husband Nick Carter which was about her life with her now-husband.Kitt was also on one episode of "One Life To Live" in 2013 as a boot camp instructor.

Aaron blamed it on his business commitments for his absence in the wedding, in The Daily Mail after he was interviewed.Lauren Kitt and Nick Carter starting dating each other and got engaged in 2013.Before tying the knot with the heartthrob, Lauren Kitt was ridiculed and stalked, because of her romance with Nick Carter.From dual bachelor/bachelorette parties in Las Vegas to serious life-changing decisions, the new series captures the ups and downs of Nick and Laura’s journey; while bringing laughs, drama, and a whole lot of heart along the way.