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Messaging might match the way people actually want to buy, but for businesses it’s a We’ve built a solution we think solves many of the challenges of selling through live chat.Powered by our Respond and Engage products, it matches how modern sales teams work, with an execution bar as good as any consumer messenger out there.Simply select the pieces of data you want to collect, and Operator can do the rest.The real power is in the automation you can build off your visitors’ answers.Intercom has been at the forefront of this change, helping marketing and support teams better engage and support their customers.What we’ve just shipped is a natural extension of our mission to make business personal – a live chat tool for sales teams built for how people communicate today.A decade ago, when software was still sold in boxes, most purchases involved an anonymous form or a call back from a sales rep. Nowadays, by the time a buyer gets even close to a sales rep, they’ve already done a lot of their homework upfront.

To make things easier, our Messenger Visibility feature lets you provide live chat to only the visitors you want to connect with.The sales rep will see the full record of that customer, the questions they’ve asked, the emails they’ve received, the answers they’ve provided, the notes their colleagues have made, so they have all of the context before jumping into the conversation to convert the lead.In this way, live chat isn’t a silo but one channel that lives in a central customer communication platform.Want to connect the lead with the most appropriate person in your company? Want to create the visitor as a new lead in Salesforce? All this means you don’t have to worry about the mundane and repetitive tasks that slow us down.

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