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Popular characters in French Canadian folklore include a hero figure named Ti-Jean (short for petit Jean , or Little John) and a hunter named Dalbec.The majority of French Canadians are Roman Catholic.However, French Canadian separatism has remained a contentious issue for both the province and the nation as a whole.The 6.5 million French Canadians living in Canada represent about a quarter of the country's total population.Until the 1960s, the church was central to French Canadian life.Since that time, however, the French Canadian community has become more secular.

French Canadians celebrate Dollard Day on the Monday preceding May 25.The past thirty-five years have seen a strong rebirth of the French Canadians' sense of cultural identity.It has been accompanied by a political separatist movement with far-reaching implications not only for Quebec, but for all of Canada.The preservation of their cultural identity was aided by the influence of the Catholic Church, the tendency to marry within their own community, and the tradition of having large families.

When the Dominion of Canada was established in 1867, French Canadians accounted for one-third of the new country's population.

Québécois is based on an older form of French and also contains many English expressions.