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There is a thriving and growing re­search culture in the Faroe Islands with several institutes, laboratories, muse­ums and private companies working on original research projects. Faroese researchers partic­ipate in many international networks, and the Faroese research and innova­tion landscape is to a large extent an­chored in international partnerships.There are also several Faroese researchers living abroad, as well as foreign researchers, who are engaged in research issues re­lated to the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands became formally as­sociated to the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) in 2010, and Faroese researchers and institutes have led or taken part in a range of European projects in areas such as environment, climate change, ecosystems and fish­eries management.They are also one of the only european nations to not have a Mc Donald’s, however do have a Burger King.There are only 3 sets of traffic lights amongst all the islands, all very close, in the same city.

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However with a population of just 50,000 and this protection of their culture, there is a serious dilemma that faces the people of these islands; the potential incest of dating another person from the Faroe islands.Think of all your cousins right now, and no doubt you have one the same age and who was born within 1400km² of you.Even if one of those people was related to you out of the 1,945, the odds still aren’t very good.In speaking to friends from the Faroe islands, they are as protective of their culture as anyone.

They still parade their national dress on Facebook.

With 50,000 think how many times that would be an issue.

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