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This will allow them to continue creating this content and won’t support people who create illegitimate streams.While Streamhub does have a fairly large social media presence, its creators post very sporadically.This is where someone intercepts every bit of data between you and the websites you visit, potentially giving them access to everything from your bank account information to your social media login credentials. Well, all add-ons are vulnerable to hijacking, but third-party add-ons are at higher risk because they were unlikely to have had the same technical validation processes applied during development.

If you’re looking for hard-hitting documentaries, the Vice add-on for Kodi has everything you’d ever need.We’ll also be shedding some light on the privacy concerns that both official and third-party add-ons share.concerning Kodi in the news recently, but the truth is that Kodi itself is completely legal to use.It’s a fairly standard link scraper which finds content hosted on several different streaming sites and delivers them to the user.

There are several large issues with this add-on that prevent us from recommending it.

The most obvious flaw here is that there’s no way of knowing what will be done with your credit card information, but that isn’t the only issue.