Detailsview1 fired event itemupdating which wasn

However I do have Item Updating routines that seem to work (i.e Checking table for new login duplicates and encrypting passwords).The following is the source code generated by VS2005: ...Displaying the information works fine (after catching on to the filter changes in beta 2). Data List with Nested Editable/Deletable Gridviews. But the edit/delete events will not trigger the Data List to rebind its contents..I'm simply trying to figure out how to refresh the data in the gridview after update/insert/delete events in the detailsview. so on Edit/on Delete in the gridviews I say "Data List. VS2005 - using detailsview to update, insert and delete rows from SQL 2005 database.I wanted to do create this page using an SQLData Source object, but it would not let me connect to my SQL Server Express database for some strange reason.I tried using the same exact connection string that I ended up using to create a connection on page_load, but it did not work at all.The other way to resolve the issue is to better understand how to add this functionality without going through the SQLData Source (which I hate to do).I have a page that loads the first fiew fields of a database into a Grid View, then when you select one, it generates a Details View.

Even if I hand write the SQLData Source connectionstring it cannot create an instance of the connection.When I enable the column via the Design interface, I get this error: Hey, WHen you bind data to a detailsview without using a datasource control, you have to override the Item Inserting (if you are adding), Item Updating (if you are updating), Item Deleting(if you are deleting), and Mode Changing (when changing modes by clicking edit, cancel, etc). If not inserting, you may have to bind the data source to it...In mode changing, basically you manually call formview. Hey, You can drag/drop a sqldatasource on the form no problem; it doesn't matter if SQL is installed, or it isn't. It works off of a connection string, and when it needs to access the objects of the database, that is where you will see connection errors if it can't get to the database.I have a problem which can be solved two different ways.

I have a Grid View that you can select a row and it will show the details in the Details View.

Update Grid View after Details View update/insert/delete I'm missing something here...

Detailsview1 fired event itemupdating which wasn comments

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