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The point is, women appreciate a man who is self-assured enough to approach us yet humble enough to extend gracious compliments. Make us feel special somehow, and be sure to extend some sort of kindness our way.You don't have to be ruggedly handsome and have six-pack abs, and you certainly don't need a book of pick-up lines (we can spot those a mile away). I have this recurring vision of being approached by a tall, dark, handsome man carrying a tall, dark, organic cup of coffee and a croissant over to my table.

I'll leave you with a third and final interaction that still makes me smile.His creativity got him an introduction, a few hours of intriguing conversation and a dinner date. It's all too easy to go from initial attraction to "hooking up" thanks to dating apps and the abandonment of the concept of courting.The truth is, we want you to charm us, captivate us and let us know that our presence has changed the temperature in the room.You seem like a really driven and attractive person, and I was wondering if you might let me take you out some time.

I really love your short hair, you don't see many girls wearing it like that and I think it is very striking on you." He was not the most attractive man, a little shorter than I typically like, and I probably wouldn't have picked him out of a crowd, but his boldness was incredibly alluring.

I was at the gym one afternoon, doing my thing on the leg press when this man walks right up to me and says, "Hi." My initial reaction was discomfort as I relish my workout time and don't expect to chit-chat.

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