Dating styles in germany

Dancing is done in groups, which I think is easier and just as fun. Guys aren't expected to pay for girls – people pay their own way most of the time.But when you go out with someone, you are exclusive.The ' Gymnasion' is the hardest one – the school you go to in order to become a doctor or lawyer. Then comes the ' Realschule' and then the ' Hauptschule.' Your teachers and parents pick which is best for you.In order to go to college, you must have an Abitur (high school exit exam/diploma), which can only be obtained from the Gymnasium.

She said that a lot of parents want their children to focus more on education and not work. Some people baby sit or have paper routes, but that's about it.As you can guess, things don't seem as strict over here. You are allowed to have CD players, as long as you are respectful of the teacher and don't use them during class.Living and experiencing a new culture is definitely interesting.But in the fifth grade, you go to a new school and stay there until you graduate – until grade 12 in Eastern Germany and grade 13 in Western Germany.