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As always, they were interested in what they can do to make their products even better to meet the needs of the EMS market!Special thanks to Charlotte for inviting Kelly and me! This is a difficult topic, and let’s face it, we in EMS are bunch of jaded, sarcastic, and twisted individuals who have developed all sorts of defensive mechanisms, including dark humor, to cope with our extraordinarily difficult jobs.Keep your eyes on the #EMSToday2015 hashtag on Twitter. Photo credit: @Handtevy Update: Congratulations to FDNY EMS (first place) and Boca Raton Team B (second place) in the JEMS Games!ZOLL Blogger Bash Kelly and I headed out to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. It was great seeing some familiar faces in this time honored tradition.There have now been over 4.4 million impressions since the beginning of the month!

I had planned on catching up with Matt Fiske from Physio-Control (@Physio Control) but he was recalled back to Seattle so I shared a life-saving story with John Friederich involving a Lifepak 12, a wedding party, and a Boy Scout and got myself a nice challenge coin!Whatever we do it must be fast, simple, accurate, and achievable. If EMS does not perform an effective resuscitation at the scene it is likely that the child will not survive. JEMS Games Finals From there it was off to the JEMS Games Finals. The scenario included a helicopter crash, multiple traumas, a swarm or angry bees, and acute anaphylaxis.The finalists included Boca Raton Team B, FDNY EMS, and Cumberland County EMS. The judges definitely have their work cut out for them!Once we understand System 1 and System 2 thinking, and once we admit that System 2 thinking is useless in an emergency situation, we can begin to develop effective System 1 strategies to ensure that our actions are helpful during an emergency.

One of the ways we can do that is make pediatric resuscitation more like adult resuscitation. One of my most popular tweets this week was this quote from Dr. I’m terrible at math during a code.” Some of us aren’t very good at math in the first place.

Pediatric Calculations Made Simple When you actually start going through scenarios it doesn’t take long to realize that those of us who do not work in pediatrics every single day have how to accurately calculate, draw up, and administer medications to children safely. Please hurry.”Even if the paramedic realizes the correct does is 0.8 ml of Epi ,000 has he or she ever used a 1 ml syringe to draw epinephrine from 10 ml pre-filled syringe of Epi ,000? Now imagine doing it in front of the child’s parent.

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