Dating during residency

This would be in keeping with the kinder, gentler world of limited resident duty hours and mandated nap times.But it’s equally fair to consider that residency might be a bad time to have a baby. During her residency, Bott followed suit and began dating a nurse, who is now her husband. Yeahyeahyeah, peds isnt all that demanding relativelydating during residency medicine this was in the pre-80 hour work week time. Just because youre busy, doesnt mean you have to stop dating in medical school.. Preparing for Global Health During Family Medicine Residency. Performance during Internal Medicine Residency Training and Subsequent Disciplinary Action by State Licensing Boards Maxine A. It also suggests the fact that the stress of the residency years affects not only the residents' work satisfaction but their entire self-concept as well.The paper offers possible suggestions the medical profession can take in order to help physicians better cope with their professional stress.The repercussion could be more far reaching than you could ever imagine esp if you are a foreigner.You may not only loose your spot,you may also be deported to your country.

Is there time for dating and is it possible to meet ppl in teh hospital since we'll be spending so much time at work.I thought we talk about something fun other than all those ecfmg forms, certifications and what not!lol And for those who didnt match this year..not give up! So, if I can...anyone can :) All replies welcome...if its just a hello BUT please refrain from being rude and offensive It's really program dependent.Don't shit where you eat, if you date someone new during your intern year and it doesn't work out, theres gonna be all sorts of awkwardness throughout residency.

It is a free world as they say,but don't say you haven't been warned.

There are some programs who love couples, and some program that hate them.

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