Dating divorced dad teenagers

i did not choose this although I threatened many times because his dad was involved in immoral activities and would not allow my son to attend theocratic services which he did want to participate in. A lot of it is that he might be jealous that his little sister gets more attention then him because though you may not see it she will purposely suck up to you seeing that you get mad at the other child.I know this reply is not the solution you are looking for but I hope it helps to know I have been there. First of all you should of made sure it was ok with your son before you got remarried, but thats not why he is being the way he is. With the chores teens get mad when repetitively their parents yell at them to do chores.Now my son is 21 years of age and we all have gone through hell and back with counseling, therapy and violence in the home.My son is now very apologetic and realizes his ways was just rebellion. That I love him and because of that love I will never give up on far as your family It is good that he has a relationship with his dad. my ex always blamed me so I could never get any help only criticism.I know you may not like the idea any more than I do but have you considered letting him live with his father?

Marlene Thanks to both of you for your words of encouragement and symphaties. That is what he tells me he does not want to hear, he tells me he wants me to give up. I will continue to work with him in counseling even though he refuses to talk or show any signs of improvement.he acts like he is going to hit me he or says you dont want to see me get angry(like the hulk or something)has also punched holes in doors.about two years ago my husband had to be removed from our home unexpectedly due to my sons defiant behavior they did get into a scuffle he has been gone since although with alot of prayers we have been able to resume our relationship.he is very gun shy though now and is not comfortable being here with my son for more than a few minutes.

this was a very tramatic experience for us all(he lost his job for unknown reasons and I lost mine due to the stress) and my daughter has become very insecure too. i always blamed my husband because I never felt after we married that he gave Kyle proper positive attention.

He says he will continue to "waste" my money on counseling because he does not need it and will never talk to the counselor. I ask the simplest of tasks from him and get no respect or action.