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Some systematists lump either creambush oceanspray and rockspirea [104,236], creambush oceanspray and small-leaved rockspirea [103], or all 3 taxa [233] into single species. In Lis's treatment, creambush oceanspray, rockspirea, and small-leaved rockspirea are treated as separate and distinct species [97]. Creambush oceanspray is important or dominant in many plant communities of the Pacific Northwest, California, and the Northern Rocky Mountains. In: 1980 progress report--research in rangeland management. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University, Agricultural Experiment Station: 32-37.

To the north, residential and light-commercial developments merge with Fort Lauderdale and its suburbs to the west.Inland to the west the area sprawls with low to mid-sized commercial buildings and housing, until ending abruptly at the Everglades.Wealthy retirees and others escaping the northeast winters have established themselves on Miami Beach, the high-rise-studded barrier island to the east, or to Coral Gables and Kendall just to the south.Sea breezes from the east and southeast may cause year-round temperature differences of 15 degrees or more from inland locations.