Bindingsource endedit not updating dataset

In the save button i`ve putted the code : Using con As New Sql Connection("Data Source=.\SQLEXPRESS; Attach Db Filename=H:\Projects\Windows Application1\Windows Application1\Database1.mdf; Integrated Security=True; Connect Timeout=30; User Instance=True") Try con. Open() Try Using my Command As New Sql Command("INSERT INTO Produse (Nume , Pret , Cod) VALUES (@Nume, @Pret, @Cod)") my Command. Pero en la BD no , uso la sentencia: tableadapter.update(dataset.tabla) que segun la teoria me actualizaria la bd pero nada, tambien probe a poner antes del tableadapter.update, la sentencia: Binding Source. New Row x Row("Registro") = Reg x Row("Apellido") = txt Apellido.

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Hello, Please help or guide me in updating a database with changes made on a datagridview. So it's throwing a Null exception error at the update feature in the Cell End Edit event. Do you really need to use Cell Content Click and Cell End Edit?

Clear Selection() But my dataset is nothing when i run the code in debug mode. Regards This, in the second code, is creating an entirely new adapter, it has no relation to the earlier adapter.

Bindingsource endedit not updating dataset comments

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    Are you using DataTables, DataSets and DataAdapters to load your data into your application? If so, you would call dataAdapter1. Update to save your changes back to the database. I have write BindingSource. EndEdit Me. TABLETableAdapter. UpdateMe. DataSet. TABLE but the data dont saved at the.…
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    Jul 11, 2006. ListChanged ' Whenever there is an update, note that a change is pending. ' ' ListChanged does not fire when moving within a row, so this will not ' mark updates until done with the row. Here "done" could mean moving ' to another row or closing the form. If Me. ExampleDataSet. HasChanges Then Me.…