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The law allows a judge to confiscate every firearm in a household because one person there has ever has a DUI conviction.The law provides no help whatsoever for a person who has been accused of being suicidal.Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords: “Today, the Oregon Legislature delivered a victory for safer communities in the form of a responsible bill that helps keep guns out of the hands of individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis.This bill will not only ensure that law enforcement and families have the resources they need to help those who need it most, this bill will prevent tragedies and save lives.I am extremely grateful to Senator Burdick, Senator Boquist, and House Majority Leader Williamson for their leadership on this important issue and urge Governor Brown to sign this bill into law.” “I lost my father to firearm suicide.While it’s too late to save my father’s life, this commonsense bill may someday spare others the pain of losing a loved one.Only one Republican supported it, and several Democrats opposed it. The bill got nationwide attention -- and criticism -- in much of the right-leaning press.

Critics worry that courts and law enforcement officials will abuse the power to confiscate firearms.A common thread in many shootings is that family members of the shooters had noticed their loved ones engaging in dangerous behaviors and were concerned about their risk of harming themselves or others – even before any violence occurred.Oregon lawmakers have approved a bill that aims to prevent suicides and shootings by taking firearms away from people deemed at risk.In fact, an amendment that would have called for some minimal intervention was not even considered.

The law provides NO protection for people who are living in the household of a person who has been accused of being a danger to others.

Kate Brown signed gun control legislation to allow “extreme risk protection orders.” The orders temporarily forbid a person from possessing or purchasing deadly weapons if they’re deemed an imminent threat to themselves or others.