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I am writing this report at the request of a reader, but also because I feel it’s worth telling the full story.I did a very brief report about it back in 2005, when I hadn’t yet developed my formula for airgun tests.These guns were produced right at the time America transitioned from .22 to .177 caliber as the principal airgun caliber of interest.The market influence of Air Rifle Headquarters, and especially Beeman Precision Airguns, was what made that change inevitable.The Crosman Mark I and Mark II target pistols began production in 1966.The .22 caliber Mark I stopped production in 1983, and the .177-caliber/BB-caliber Mark II continued until 1986. The first version featured adjustable power and lasted through 1980, and the second variation continued to the end of production for each model.Both pistols are very similar, except for the calibers.The .22 caliber Mark I was made as a single-shot target pistol, but the Mark II was suitable for either lead pellets or steel BBs.

I seldom use low power because the trigger has some creep on that setting, while on high power the trigger is almost as crisp as glass.As a result, that report is very thin and leaves a lot out.I also wrote another brief report about the LD modification that Mac 1 does to this platform; but, once again, that wasn’t too detailed.That’s not to say you can’t get a pistol rebarreled with a premium .177, but .22 caliber is by far the most desirable.

You can tell a Mark II by the presence of black plastic grips, while the Mark I has a reddish-brown grip.

But one interesting thing was perhaps learned from the Mark II bolt.

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