Are maks and peta still dating

A wonderful, tiny addition."The couple has always been open about wanting children in the future, but who could have guessed that it would come so soon?From the looks of their social media, at any rate, they are over the moon to be parents soon, and are getting ready for their happily ever after.The couple also told the magazine that Maks' brother Val and fellow reported Peta as saying, "The timing is perfect, actually.I’ll have the baby in January and then I’ll still have about six months to prepare for the wedding," while her husband-to-be said, "The baby will make a wonderful addition to the wedding party.

Last Monday night, after Maksim Chmerkovskiy skipped out on an episode of this popular ABC competition, multiple outlets reported that he and partner Vanessa Lachey do not get along.Heather Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are speaking out on this week's stunning Dancing With the Stars results, and they're pissed.Sure, they're a little bit more diplomatic about it than we might be, but it's abundantly clear they agree with the Internet on this assessment: There's a special new addition to the Dancing With the Stars family!Now engaged and expecting a little one, when are Maks and Peta getting married?

It turns out that their new arrival won't change much about the actual date of the wedding.

With the baby due in January, Peta says that this will still give her a good six months to plan the wedding.